Cash Advance Loan

There isn't much to your cash advance loan - just a bundle of joy followed by potential demise. Grab hold of that joy, take control of your cash advance loan and drive to win!

Cash Advance Loan Crazy

Every single cash advance loan taken out in these United States can go one of two ways:

  1. toward financial success
  2. toward your ultimate financial demise.

Making mistakes with cash advance loans, however, seems to be all the rage - more than 80% of all payday advances fall into some form of derelict repayment. Lets take a look at whats going on, and maybe if we just keep Payday Positive we will find a cash advance loan solution.

Big problem - a cash advance loan isn't a loan

The greatest obstacle we have to overcome to reach our ultimate success with a cash advance is lack of understanding, an overall consumer ignorance that makes these advances so dog gone difficult. First off, a cash advance loan isn't a loan per say, but a service provided during your emergency moment of insufficient funds. Being services, lenders can charge whatever people are willing to pay, and apparently we are willing to pay upwards off $40 per $100 we take out. But remember, a cash advance loan isn't technically a loan, it is an advance on your paycheck, your money simply forwarded to a time when you need it. Most applicants don't understand that it is there money, and they spend it without considering the consequences - when your paycheck does come and you have to repay a significant portion of that to your payday advance provider, will you be able to cope with a limited amount of cash? You already know the money you are making now isn't enough to cover everything - why else would you need a quick cash advance loan in the first place - so how can you survive with less? How can you make this thing a Positive experience?

Turning the advance tables

Our recipe for success with a payday advance loan is simple:

How will you know when you achieve recovery? When the need for another online cash advance is gone, and when teh sun fills you payday heart with love!