Fast Payday Advance

The fast payday advance is made possible by the small creatures living inside a lender's system. They'll wave their little wands and presto! A fast payday advance for all the world to enjoy!

Fast Payday Advance - Happy Elves

They make crackers, toys, keys; steal underpants; paint microchips in Seattle - is there anything elves can't do?! They are extremely capable of handling the complex demands of a fast payday advance, coordinating electronic wire transfers with mythical financial lore and turning it into a payday advance you can actually use to defeat your emergency. Pure elfin magic!

A fast payday advance without the elves

Most lenders however do not employ elves anymore - they've been outsourced, replaced by machines that don't require salaries or even hourly snack breaks. Today's payday cash advance is fast because of the automation of the entire process:

Its all automated, there is nothing magical about it. But the loss of the personal touch in every fast payday advance is only now starting to have its effect.

Elves! Come back!

Machines are extremely cold hearted, exacting creatures - tell them what to do and they will perform their duties ruthlessly. If you apply for a fast payday advance but are still unsure about your choice, too bad - the machines are already working and already shipping out your advance. And fooling the machines is easy as well, meaning people who really should not have access to cash - who would normally be turned down by a sympathetic, caring human eye, are getting their hands on money by the bucketful.

No more elves, no more magic - we miss magic!